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It all started when I was really young. Writing as a way to discuss what was on my mind, without really having to talk to anyone. There were many years that I remained quiet, screaming, but not talking and never listening. Once I became a mom, I decided to change all of that. I decided to find my balance again and start writing again. I decided that having a second chance at a childhood was important enough to express what it has meant to me. And so, childhoodtake2! was born. Hope you decide to join me in my journey and comment or share some of your experiences too.

I post twice a week. Every Friday I join a group of bloggers and spend five minutes on one word. Follow five minute Fridays if you love to write too.

And every Sunday morning, I post one piece. One post that I have been working on and pouring myself into.

Writing is what I do, for ME, and I love sharing it with you.

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