Born this way.

The other day, Anna was in the car and asking me to play Lady Gaga (yep, you're reading that right).  She was singing along to "Born This Way" and I started thinking, I may not be the best mom.  I mean, my kid listens to Howard Stern, no Elmo's World, no ABCs, no 123s.

Then I realized the lyrics:

I'm beautiful in my way

'Cause God makes no mistakes

I'm on the right track, baby

I was born this way

Don't hide yourself in regret

Just love yourself and you're set

I'm on the right track, baby

I was born this way

Not a bad message to send to a 2 year old girl.  You are beautiful Anna James...he made you perfect babe.  And of all the ways I have described you since the moment I met you she was just "born this way" is what keeps coming out of my mouth.  Good sleeper/eater "she was just born this way", gorgeous eyes, pouty lips "she was just born this way".  Stubborn, strong willed "she was just born this way".  Owning our heart, being my smile "she was just born this way". Anna, just love yourself and you're set!IMAG0785

See, maybe I'm not SO bad at this mom thing.  I may need to lay off Howard Stern though!

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