A grand adventure is about to begin

We are one week away from meeting you. I am filled with excitement, fear, worry and amazement. After all these weeks, all these months, I will no longer say that I am pregnant...I will be the mom of two children.
As we wait to meet you, know that you are already loved, already cared for, and already a part of this family. Your father is beaming with pride and your big sister is trying to figure out what is happening but really excited. Our puppy Mia is a bit worried herself and will warm up to the idea with time. And mom, well, you know how crazy your mother is BUT she promises to love you, promises her heart will grow twice it's size for you, and promises to shower you with hugs, kisses, laughter and love.
I have loved, absolutely loved having you be a part of me all of these months. I love feeling you move, I love taking you everywhere with me, I love knowing when you're sleeping and that food makes you wake up, I love knowing when you have the hiccups and I love that it's been just us. I guess it is time to share you with everyone else and I can't be selfish anymore.
I am saying good-bye to a very important part of my life but stepping into a world I didn't dream existed for me. A world you and your dad and your sister gave me. I am so lucky to be a part of this family, you'll see, we're pretty cute.
Until May 30th, stay put! There is no need for me to share you yet. In due time sweet love.


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