Thank you 2012

2012 brought us Cole and completed our family. It brought heart-ache and tragedy and amazing moments that I will hold on to always. It was what life is filled with, sunshine and rainy days, peace and destruction, love and hate, and new beginnings and loss. May everyone find the strength to take care of each other and make this world a better place in 2013. Happy New Year to all.



As I tucked them in tonight, all I could do was hope they will hold on to childhood wonder for as long as possible. Watching them believe in magic is an amazing experience. I am humbled by how much we have to be thankful for. To all a good night!



At dinner tonight I was talking to Cory about how broken I feel. How this month has been filled with so much heartache, loss, illness and tragedy. I went on to whine about how it doesn't even feel like the holidays, there is no snow, it's not really cold, and he even joked about us having a reversed seasonal disorder. Then, I went to turn off our porch light and the most peaceful beautiful snow is coming down and covering our yard, just in time. — with Cory Houser.

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