Lost but found

This summer, I wrote about how parenting is like breaking up with yourself. and just the other day, a mom shared her funny story of lost and found. Here is mine...

Lost - the ability to complete a thought without several pauses.
Found - the ability to smile because you are.

Lost - the ability to have time alone.
Found - constant family love.

Lost - the ability to run out of the house, just to grab something.
Found - a team that we call family.

Lost - the ability to sleep in, take our sweet time getting up and watching TV and movies all day long.
Found - Sunday morning family breakfast.

Lost - the ability to date you and quickly plan something special.
Found - Friday night family movies.

Lost - my fear of starting this life.
Found - my fear of having this life.

Lost - Mia being the center of my attention.
Found - a love for Mia and her ability to let them know she was here first.

Lost - smooth skin, silky hair, stomach muscles, breasts.
Found - a new definition of beauty and seeing myself through your eyes.

Lost - carefree days.
Found - carrying you.

Lost - youth.
Found - childhood.

Lost - money, time, city living.
Found - moments that matter.

Lost - long walks on Saturday to find coffee.
Found - making coffee for each other, realizing our survival is at the bottom of that cup.

Lost - searching for where I belong.
Found - you.


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