Our morning started out early.
I was at the hospital by 6, ready for surgery to start at 8.
As I was laying there, ready, not ready, alone, but in a room filled with strangers, I cried.
Knowing this would be the last time I would hold a baby on the inside.
Knowing our lives would forever change.
And then cheerful, thrilled, couldn't wait to hold you dad came in.
You could see his smile from ear to ear.
You could feel his joy.
And you were here.
Head to head, nose to nose, we snuggled.
And then, it happened just like that.
I turned around, and you stopped being small enough to fit on my belly.
You stopped sleeping 20 hours a day.
You stopped making little baby sounds.

IMG_0970 IMG_0498

All of a sudden, you are three.
You are a person.
You have words, sentences, opinions, tantrums, likes, dislikes, worries,
you are a person.
You are Cole.
Cole Blake Houser.

IMG_1369 IMG_6481

You are silly, you are goofy,
you are angry, you are strong minded, strong willed.
You are loud, you don't have an inside voice.
You are loving, your hugs melt hearts.
You cry often, you scream, your laugh can be heard through crowds and you love to laugh.
You look up to her,
you love and adore her, but you also take 0 bull from her.
She doesn't run you, she doesn't tell you how or where or when,
she is your equal dammit!

IMG_3157 DSC_2209

Your dad,
he is your moon and stars.
You love love love love love your dad.
He is your ultimate joy.
He is your buddy.
You need him.
You need to be around him,
helping him,
playing with him.
He has a tool, you need a tool.
He's working outside, you're helping.
He is your moon and stars,
your hero.

IMG_7342 IMG_0511

You still hum when you're happy.
You still eat with your whole mouth.
You still hug with your whole body.
Your feet never stop.
Your mind is always going, words still spill out of you.
You don't think before you act.
You are the definition of fearless.
You embrace life, you are not going to take any second of it for granted.

You are Cole Blake Houser.

IMG_5313 Houser25

You completed a family that didn't realize was missing a piece.
You warm hearts, people cling to you.
You woe crowds.
You flirt!
You love to hit on people.
You are suave, you have game.


You are love.
You are my love.
Loving you came so naturally, from the very beginning.
You were my love at first sight.
Thank you for coming into our lives.
For completing it, for growing our hearts, for teaching us patience, for finding us.
You, are Cole Blake Houser.

Happy birthday...sweet monkey man.
"Please don't take my Coley away"...

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