Dear Joe, may I call you Joe? I understand that Joe is how you went through campaigning, but it feels so casual, considering. I want you to know there are so many reasons I voted for you, and when the time comes, I need my babies to know why too. I also wanted to ask some things of you, and wish you all the best for what is about to come your way.

First, let me start with the reasons.

  1. It's true, you NOT being #45 was a major reason. I promise it was not my only, but yeah, it played a very big role in the decision. I am not even going to try and pretend it did not play a role. I spent years saying, anyone but, but the truth is, you are not anyone.
  2. I can see, clearly, that you are going to take this role very seriously. You come to it humbly and with caution, but with a plan. Strong plans, plans I can get behind, plans that make me feel like we are moving the country in the right direction. You take the title seriously, the role, the honor of what has been bestowed upon you. You are serious about this. You are not doing it for any other reason other than to serve and you take that service seriously.
  3. Your VP choice. She is bright, she too has plans. They will not always align with yours and for that, you specifically picked her. Your foundation was here, you both felt sold in the foundation and I am excited to see what you are going to build together. Thank you for making women's rights matter. Thank you for showing the whole world how important this decision was. Thank you for making POC matter. Thank you for showing the whole world how important this decision was. Thank you for realizing that the only way to break cycles is to not repeat them.
  4. You are a leader. My definition of a leader, you are my definition of a leader. A true leader, in my humble and inexperienced opinion, is someone that puts "it" above them. You will be making extremely difficult decisions. Decisions that half of this country will be 100% against you. Decisions that even those that believe in you, those that voted for you, they too will not agree with each and every decision you make. But, even if I do not agree, I know that every decision will be made with America in your heart. I know that every decision will be made with where we want America to be 4 years from now and how do we want to get there? In that, I trust, so I trust you.

The mess that you are both walking into is truly overwhelming. For me anyway. There are times I feel so small and so insignificant and most of what you are about to face is not my day in and day out. We are divided, we are broken. We are battling a pandemic. We are battling a civil rights movement. We have too many citizens that have lost...lives, jobs, loved ones, money, connection, trust, faith. There are enemies afar and those within and through it all, you want to be America's President. So, January 20th you will be sworn in. You will stand proud. You will take a deep breath in, I can see it now. You will most likely get emotional. You will have us pulling for you.

Continue to be you, the person we put our trust into. Be the man you stated you were, the leader you promised you would be. Your country needs you now more than ever.


January 6th

Day six of a year we all begged for, it all went dark. Day 6, hope was lost again and once again our world was turned upside down and I am reminded of how much of a mess this country is. Those that spew hate will not allow us to forget, so for that, I thank them. I worry that otherwise, we will all become too complacent and forget that we have too much work to do.

I have heard and read a lot of messages stating "this is not who we are", but the truth is lovies, this is exactly who we are. This is who we have always been, who we still are, and we have to stop acting like it isn't. But, that doesn't mean it's who we want to be, or who we should be, or roll over and just accept it. No, this is one of those times we fight. We fight hard for change and we land on the right side of history.

We are not allowed to sit by and say that this isn't my fight. It's happening "over there" and I'm not taking part in it so that alone is enough of a stand. It is no longer okay to say "that's not me", it's now that we say "this is how I am fixing it."

  1. Stop pretending and saying, this isn't us. It is.
  2. Understand that those who are black/brown/nonwhite are exhausted. They have been fighting since before they were born, and we haven't. We are just getting started and we have no right to be tired.
  3. Also understand that it is up to white people to clean up this mess. It is our mess. We brought this mess on ourselves and it is up to us to pick up a broom and get to cleaning.
  4. That does not mean that we don't listen, we have to not just listen to those that are not white, we have to believe them. We shouldn't have needed cameras and witnesses, we should have always just believed them.
  5. We did not hire a dictator 4 years ago, we hired a leader and then in November, we fired him. We cannot pretend that 81,000,000+ million citizens' voices do not count and do not matter. THAT is not who we are. If there is one thing we all can agree on, it's that we let our voice be heard by voting. It's the foundation of how we were built. So, in terms that you understand #45, you're fired. Period and end of story, get out of our house. The one built by slaves that we dragged here.
  6. I keep saying it, more as a mantra but also because it is true...there are more of us! There are more that want this to be different but we cannot sit back. Lovies, your mama is crazy about this and won't shut up or stop because that is not how you get to change. I'm not just preaching though, I'm getting us all involved because THAT is how you get to change. I won't back off from this, and I won't let you back off either.

January 6th was not a surprise. We were being told it was going to happen. #45 told us during the debates when he asked the Proud Boys to "stand back and STAND BY". He told us during his rallies. He told us in his tweets. He told us in his speeches. He told us over and over. So, here we are. It happened. He asked his supporters to commit an act of terrorism...domestic terrorism. And then they did. With such a brash, insane, and casual openness. So, where do we go from here?

We fight for the country we actually want.

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