Welcome back

I have been vaccinated since April, dad since early February. This Wednesday, Anna, you will get your very first shot. They are working on shots for 6-11 year olds next. We are coming back.

Today, I went for an eight mile run into town...puppy by my side and Anna's bike pushing her to keep up. We hit Broadway and saw it, our town, our real town, coming to life. Too early for the tourists so it was all locals, us, bringing us back.

There were so many people walking the streets, every parking spot was taken. People were eating on the sidewalks, restaurants had their doors and windows open. Stores had their merchandise sprawled out all over the place. I bought ice-tea for me and my girl, I went back for a cute necklace. We are on our way back.

This week, President Biden announced those who are vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask. I'm not ready, but I'm getting there. When I walk busy streets, I'm trying to retrain my brain, I'm safe, it's ok, it's going to be okay. We are coming back.

It's slow, it's going to be slow, but we are getting there. We are getting back.

We are hugging again, people. We are seeing people again and hugging. We are hugging really hard. And sometimes, we are crying, because it has been too long. We are sharing meals, drinks, stories, and our time with each other again. We are coming back.

We have all been waiting, longing for this time, and it's here. Some of us are more ready than others. There are times I actually worry about it, all the "getting back to normal". So, we are coming back. My nights are filled with baseball games, practice, flute practice, piano practice, fitting in work, a hubby that is gone with his own coaching, my kids that want to play, work is busy, my parents are ill. So, yeah, we are getting back.

There are times, moments, days, I am overwhelmed. There are also times that I am numb to it all, just moving along. And then there are times I'm feeling really okay. Because for over a year, I rested and really really took it all in. I loved the quiet, but I was also ready for my house to not be so full of my people. I realize we are making our way back, I realize I can't stop it all from coming. But I also know that I'm going to be ok. I'm not starting work at 4am, I'm not working all around the clock. I am working out before I even start my day. I am driving my kids to and from school. I see friends. I'm having dinner, I'm eating meals.

Okay, so it is all coming back. It's slow, I know it's slow. But,, welcome back. Welcome back to people, welcome back to traveling, welcome back to restaurants, welcome back to gatherings, welcome back to gym sessions moving around the room, welcome back to really big hugs. Welcome back to life. Welcome back to the living.

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