What a thing...

What a thing...to be a parent.
What a thing...to be a kid.

We make you, create you, first in our minds, then here you are, little bits of us.
We think of you, day in and day out.
We wonder what you are wondering about.
We wonder who and how you will turn out.

We worry, we worry some more, and the older you get, the more worries that come.
We worry about the things we are doing wrong.
We worry about the things you will remember and the things you will forget.
We worry about what you are worried about, we worry for you, about you, we worry.

We embrace it all...and there is so much to embrace with parenting.
All of the changes and all of the time, and the days, and sports, and lessons, and friends, and personality changes, and we embrace it all.
We embrace the baby that wakes us up, and the toddler that keeps us moving, and the three-year-old that won't stop crying.
We embrace the child that starts to make decisions and the pre-teen that is coming into her own.
We embrace the past and where we are and what is to come.

What a thing...to be a parent.

You are made and given these people that tell you how much they love you.
You are made to think that we know what we are doing.
You are made to think that if you have a question, we have the answer.
Here's a secret you won't believe until you do this one day...no one has a clue and we're all just making it up.

You are given these people that tell you how much they love you.
They work to show you, they make sacrifices for you that you don't even realize.
You hopefully are made to feel safe, in their home, in their arms.

You are given these people and told they are your family, your forever and ever.
And the truth is, you get to decide if that too is different. Oh, how I do hope I am your forever and always, how I do hope that you will always think of the love and time we have shared. How I do hope you will continue some of the foundations we have set, how I do hope you build off of it, not have to tear it down to start over.
Oh, I do hope.

You trust. You trust us with your entire life. You trust that you are most important, you trust that we always have your back, you trust that we are there for you, will always be there for you, and you trust that we will always make the right decision for you. You trust with all your heart that we are yours.

What a thing...to be a kid.

Sometimes at night, I stay up thinking of adult you. What you will be doing, what could possibly hurt you.

What a thing...to be a parent.

Sometimes at night, you crawl into bed wanting to feel safe, knowing you are with us.

What a thing...to be a kid.

Sometimes during the day, I think of you sitting at school, being you in this place I've never seen you interact, but where you are you outside of me.

What a thing...to be a parent.

Sometimes during the day, you reach out to me and send me messages, hoping to grab my attention, knowing you are my most important thing and knowing I am always right there.

What a thing...to be a kid.

What a thing...to be a real family.


Five Minute Friday - important

Every Friday we unite for five minutes. Only five minutes, that's all we get, that's all we have. And then, right where we are, no edits or second-thoughts, we publish those words. This week, we write on important.


I had a friend that once talked to me about the difference between something being important, vs it being an emergency. The point was to say that if you focus on things that are important, you'll have fewer emergencies come up. The problem is, she was talking to someone that makes everything in her life important, nothing slips through the cracks.

And I really do feel like that allows me to not have crazy emergencies, but damn, it's also kind of heavy sometimes. There's just always a lot to think about and a lot to do and a ton to manage. But, it helps keep a home running and a business functioning, and a life going.

There are definitely times when I am able to only function and work on 3 things for a week or two, and I can see it, the house starts to break down and things do not work. And before we know it, "emergencies" start popping up.

But today NY had a little ice storm on a Sunday (because Friday got away from me so I couldn't get my five min in to write). The weather made things slow down and our Sundays are already slow. I couldn't run any errands, I couldn't go for my Sunday run, tutors got canceled, and we spent the day taking down holidays decorations, getting things organized and put away, cleaned and ready for our week.

It seems like a lot, but it was so slow and everyone was involved and we were all together and that, right there, that's all that is important. My daughter and I read together today. We watched one of our shows together. My husband watched his football team win the division. My dog got to snuggle in beds and in front of fireplaces. My son played indoor basketball. We all read our "happy hearts" of gratitude for 2021. We wrote our first happy hearts for 2022.

We got to all that was important. Each other.


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