I'll be

I'll be your memories, your whole world wrapped up in my little head.
I'll be your comfort, your home, your safe place.
I'll be your biggest fan, your most honest critic.

I'll be your warmth.
I'll be able to hold what you carry.
I'll be able to take what you have to say.

I'll be here, always and forever here.
I'll be willing to follow your lead.
I'll be in the car, or on a plane, or a phone call away.

I'll be your reminder of who you are.
I'll be dammed if you don't live up to who you are supposed to be.
I'll be on the sidelines, watching you be incredible you.

I'll be happy for you, with you.
I'll be heartbroken, and angry, with you and for you.
I'll be protective but also know you can handle it.

I'll be the one who listens.
I'll be the one who loves.
I'll be the one who believes you.

I'll be the one who shows up.
I'll be the one who will never ever give up on you.
I'll be your mom.

I'll be the one who loves like a mother.
I'll be the one who protects your childhood, well into adulthood.
I'll be the one who keeps you, holds you, carry you,.

I'll be a mother.
I'll be your mother.
I'll be yours.

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