A long time ago

One day, now will be a long time ago.

One day, you were here.
You were small and made small noises.
You were sound asleep most of the time and your eyes were too big for your face.
You were learning and taking it all in. You were magic, that first year was absolute magic.

One day, you were walking and talking and into everything.
You had opinions, strong ones. You were strong-willed and determined and still had a deep deep desire to please. You wanted us to be so proud of you, and were beamed in adoration.

One day, you became a big sister and he took over with the small and small noises.
But damn, he was NOT going to be like you.
See, you wanted to stand out, be your very own Houser, be your own bag of tricks.

One day, you fell madly in love with her and you never ever turned back.
One day, you too were talking and singing and trying new things.
One day, you were so angry you couldn't walk and do as much as she could and then the next, you could.

One day, the days started to run into each other.
Years became blurry.
Your dad and I fought through a heavy fog and then came out the other side.
One day, I breathed all of you in, your smell, your little, your voices, your laughs, and then, one day it all went away.

One day, kids took the place of babies. Little baby equipment was replaced with sports equipment.
Little kid books were replaced with chapter books and then novels.
One day, you left elementary and you slowly and very gently entered middle school.
One day, you stopped letting me hold your hand in public and give little guy smooches and swoop you up.

Now, you, our first, are entering high school. A teenager, talking about saving for a car.
Now, you, our last, are leaving elementary and headed to middle school and we are forever saying goodbye to the elementary building that held you both for so long.
Now, friends are your whole world, and you found good people.
Now, sports are all you can think about, and connecting with your buddies.
One day, now will be a long time ago.

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