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Hi and thanks for finding me!  I'm Sabrina Houser.  I am a bride, a mom, a dog owner and the CEO of a mentoring agency.  I have been writing since I can remember, mainly to find balance, peace and a way of communicating without talking.  I started this blog because I'm reliving some really important years through the little faces I put on this earth and I wanted to find a way to talk about how I feel about mothering, seeing the world through their eyes, and how kids effect my life.  I get asked a lot about why I write and for me, writing is a safe way to express my feelings and be a part of a bigger world that I don't necessarily want to be face-to-face with everyday.

I write a lot to my kids.  Kids, that's still weird for me to say. So, I'm going to confess something, this life that I now own, isn't what I always pictured when I thought of myself as an "adult". But, then, I met a boy and he kind of changed my world. Cory taught me that there isn't any such thing as a soul mate. He taught me that being in a relationship is something you choose and decide to do everyday with all of your body. He taught me that I was living most of my life in fear...afraid of being the wife, the mom, the house owner, the boss. Afraid of feeling comfortable and secure. Then, he called me out on all of my fears of becoming "that" person. Yep, getting married and having kids will change our relationship, it will test us, it will drive us to drink, it will drive us apart, it will drive us crazy. It will also make us, it will bring us closer, it will make us a family, it will make us smile, and cry, and scream and laugh. It will bring us scars, and bring us joy and so much more joy.

So, here we are, years later and I have a what I would call a glorious life and I feel so fortunate to say that. We have two little ones...Anna and Cole and a doggy that started my mothering career, Mia Lily.  I am married to that amazing person, Cory Houser.  We met in the summer of 2000 and each day, well, I kind of fall a little harder.  We, like all of you, are trying to survive.  Survive paying a mortgage, being parents, having demanding jobs, keeping up with a house, a marriage, two childhoods.  But we, like all of you, are doing it and doing it as best we can.  We try to do it with smiles and forgiveness and laughter.  We try and do it with remembering that we are going to be wishing these days back when the house is quiet, when Mia is gone, when the kids are enjoying their own families.  I love the faces in my life and we have a saying in our house...I love you a lottle (it's a little and a lot) and that's the only way I can describe what the ones I live with mean to me.  So, that's us, in a little nut shell.

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