Danny and Annie

It's the story of Annie and Danny. It's the story of love, the story of happily ever after, the story of two people living their lives through faith in each other. "Being married is like having a color television set, you never want to go back to black and white".

Danny and Annie

They made it over 25 years together, because they never lost sight of each other. They still remember their first date, they still remember their wedding day. He leaves her love notes, she still makes his heart flutter. "I always said the only thing I have to give you is a poor gift and it's myself, and I always gave it...She lights up my life when she says to me at night wouldn't you like a little ice cream, or would you please drink more water? I mean, those aren't very romantic things to say, but they stir my heart."

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It's the story of family, of life, of togetherness, and in the end, of letting go. "The deal of it is, we try to give each other hope. And not hope that I'll live, hope that she'll do well after I pass...I walked in with you alone, I'm walking out with you alone."

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Love, real love, it embraces your heart, your world, your smile. It's your shelter, you have found your person. You create a home, a life, a family. You create a safe place, a comfort, an ordinary life.

Our story, our love story, begins with two kids. Two 21 year old kids who met while renting a movie. Our story, our love story, it didn't take place in a movie. It isn't filled with romantic gestures that will bring you to your knees. Our story, our love story is real. It's filled with growing up, growing together. It's filled with fights, and illness, and jobs that pull us from each other. Our story, our love story, it's filled with life, and kids, and a puppy, and a home. It's filled with what we created and what we decide is important to us.

We have to forget about soul mates and fairy tales. We have to stop believing that real love is like a movie. He's not going to run through an airport for you. But, if you both work at it everyday, he will carry you on his shoulders.

He will be your calm and he will be your balance. He will fix you a drink, pour you a tall glass of wine and help the day melt away. At night, after the kids have been put to bed, he will bake you cookies while you rest your feet. He will give you a sweet hug and make you feel comfort, he will kiss you like it's the first time you're kissing, even 13 years later. He will hold your hand while you labor, he will cry with you and for you. He will weather the diseases, the illnesses, and he will take care of everything when you're sick. He will give you shots for your meds, through the blood, through the cries of pain, through you begging him to not do it anymore because it hurts. He will look you in the eye, tell you it's your medication, remind you he loves you, and plunge a needle into your muscle, for you.

He will raise children with you. He will help you to be reasonable when the crazy sets in. He will let you take long naps on the weekends. He will support you when you are running for hours to train for a race.

Your job, he will love how much you love your job. He will help, he will be okay with all the hours you pour into your work and just when he thinks you can't put it anymore hours, he will support you through the weeks you are working 80 instead of 65. He will be their mother and father, he will take care of the house, and dinner, and still find a way to make it seem like you are the hero.

He will reach across the bed and make sure he is touching your feet, he will make sure you're touching as you say goodnight. He will say sorry first, he will hold your hand and remind you why we are worth it, why we need to go on. He will be your furnace when it's cold, he will let you add layers to the bed when he's already burning up. He will be your shelter, he will be your person.

You have to remind each other that each day, you make a decision. You have to decide, with all of your body, I still want to be with you today. Through all the life that is happening around us, I will want to be with you today. I want to kiss you good morning, I want to kiss you goodnight, I want to be with you. I want to make you smile, I want to make you laugh, I want to comfort you, I want to be your shelter, I want to be your person.

I will accept you for who you are. I will remind myself that you do show your love too. I will not change you because I love you. I will be your shelter, I will be your person.

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Danny and Annie not only remind us, but they inspire and move us to go back to the simple little things in love. Little reminders of what you mean, as a person and as a couple. Faith in each other, comfort in your love. And when life gets in the way, it's the little things that get forgotten. But, time and time again, we are reminded that at the end of this lifetime, the kids will grow up, the house will be too quiet, we will have retired from our careers, and our lives will be with each other. Our plans will be ours, our house and our calendars will be empty, and there will only be us. Our faces, our wrinkles, our memories, our lifetime.

You are my everything, you are my person.

I will leave you love notes, I will wake up thanking you for entering my life, I will say yes to your date nights, I will hold your hand. I will hug you hello, and smooch you goodnight. I will snuggle with you, I will scratch your back so you will fall asleep. I will help you during your bad days, I will thank you for the kids, I will thank you for being exceptional.

I will offer you a cup of coffee, I will love making dinner with you, I will beam watching you with our kids. I will reach for you, I will use your shoulder to cry on, I will use your arms to protect me. I will tell you everything because you are my everything. You are my person.

"In my heart, there has never been, there is not now, and never will be another Annie"

In my heart, there has never been, there is not now, and never will be another Cory. You are my everything. You, are my person.
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  2. jami says:

    Just a little choked up, is all.

    1. childhood says:

      Love you.

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