Dream girl


This week, I heard one of my favorite songs on the radio, Dream Girl. It reminded me of simpler times, summer concerts and you and me, dancing like fools, tipsy as hell, young, happy...us.

It reminded me of my best friend.
And why we fell in love.
It reminded me of us.

It reminded me of simple
It reminded me of happy.
It reminded me of mortgage free, just working, no kids, no chaos, no complaints, no yelling, no tantrums.
It reminded me of you.

Your natural joy.
Your smile.
Your smooches.
Stolen moments.
It reminded me of different times.

Closet bedrooms in weird apartments.
Small spaces.
Walks, walking everywhere.
City living.
Coffee Saturdays, and Sundays.
Friday nights.
Movies, so many movie theater movies.
It reminded me of love.

Falling in love with you.
Realizing you were family.
Realizing that you were home.
Realizing that no matter where this life takes us, it's always us.
It reminded me of all you gave me, all you taught me.

You are the reason I dream and dream happy.
You are the reason I love.
You are the reason I gave this life a chance.
You are the reason they are here.
You are the reason I gave myself a chance.

I wouldn't go back.
I realize that we were meant to be doing all of this.
But I wanted you to know how much that time, those incredible nine years of just us three, meant to me.
How it made us.
How it made us...us.
How, and why, and where, we began.
I don't know where we will end, but I know we will always land on us.

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