I know you worry about them, it's the most natural feeling in the world as a parent.
When they were younger it was worrying about if they were developing, especially with our late bloomers.
It was worrying about where they were in a store.
It was worrying about who was going to watch them when.
It was worrying about how they fell, how they hurt.
It was worrying about them being sick, how sick, how serious.

As they got older, the worry lines grew deeper.
It became worrying about their behavior at school, and whether they are being respectful.
Worrying about their potential, and whether they are living up to it.
I know you worry about his tornado spirit.
I know you worry about her pulling away.

As they continue to grow and grow, the worry lines will only grow deeper and deeper.
As they continue to grow, the worry gets more...specific.
Worrying about if they pick the right circle to lean on.
Worrying about if they are a good person in that circle.
Worrying about if they find a person to share this life with.
Worrying about their heartache, their decisions that we no longer have a say in, worrying about their choices for their life, worrying about them being too far, worrying about them, and not really knowing why.

It's worrying about if they are the people they were meant to be.
It's worrying about if we made the right decisions with them.
It's worrying about if we said the right things, at the right time.
It's worrying about if they know how much we love them and if they could feel it.

But, love of my life, the one thing we never ever have to worry about is the fact that we did love them.
You wanted this exact life, you had it pictured always.
I could see them in your eyes when I met you and it didn't scare me off.

The one thing we don't have to worry about is the love we have for them, I know it will carry them through.
I know it will make them who they are going to be - and be a guiding light - like you always were for me.

You, love of my life, you love to much and so strongly that you are always the light for our family.
Your love is what guides us through storms, darkness, and fog.
Your love is what keeps us warm, protected, and looking forward.
Your love is our light and you - you, love of my life - you are our moon and stars.

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