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Every Friday we unite for five minutes. Only five minutes, that's all we get, that's all we have. And then, right where we are, no edits or second-thoughts, we publish those words. This week, we write on less.

We are about to really understand what this word means. We are about to find out how wonderful it can feel to have to slow down. We are about to see just how little we actually need, how much less we can live with. How much less we can be doing, how much less it takes to be happy. We're about to find out the real meaning of the word.

So, as we try and stay safe, healthy, and do less running around, less driving, fewer group activities, less of all that we normally do each and every single day, remember all we can do.

Like take some walks and go for runs and be with our little families and create real mealtimes together, and talk, and read, and play games, and ride bikes, and play with our dogs, and take some pictures, and create some family movie nights on a Tuesday, and leisurely sip our coffee. As a friend of mine posted today, nature is still open.

This might be one of those times that we look back and remember how scary this was. We might also remember how cozy it felt to be together and being forced to not go anywhere. We might also remember how less always means more.

I fully understand that there are so many that do not have this opportunity and this retreat will be devastating. Remember that we have to take care of each other, be safe and be loving. Do more by doing less.



  1. I tend to agree. As much as this whole event is scary, it's going to force people to slow down and not have such busy lives. My husband is "voluntarily" working from home until April 3. In reality, his boss told everyone to stay home unless they absolutely need to go into the office.

    My fear is that after having all the busyness and activities, they're not going to be able to cope with "having nothing to do". Fortunately (or unfortunately), there is the internet and TV to keep kids occupied in this day and age. I do know my niece and a cousin-in-law are making their kids do online schooling while their schools are closed. They're former homeschoolers and know how to make it all work.

    But not everyone has this luxury and I'm worried about those who are unable to work from home to stay with their kids not to mention loss of income.

    ~Your FMF neighbor

  2. There is still so much to do
    in my round of giddy days,
    so I will not come unglued
    but will yet find the ways
    to accomplish what must be,
    and to chart out the future course
    through this weirdly churning sea
    until I find that fear's obverse
    is not valour, but it might
    be a thing that can be graphed;
    a smile that is suffused with light,
    and from my beard, a rumble-laugh
    that makes the grinning demons frown
    for they cannot get me down.

    #9 at FMF this week

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