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Every Friday we unite for five minutes. Only five minutes, that's all we get, that's all we have. And then, right where we are, no edits or second-thoughts, we publish those words. This week, we write on normal.


I was never really fond of the word, and I hate it even more now because it's always connected to "our new normal" and no one knows that that means yet.

I feel as though the wheels are starting to fall off. The only thing that is "normal" is that we all need connection, in some way, we need people and connection in our lives. I need to have a meal with loved ones. I need to laugh with a friend. I need to squeeze and hug someone so hard I never want to let go. I want to see someone smile and their eyes light up, but not on a screen, I want to see someone.

I need to hear all about someone's day/week. I need to know how they are going, I need connection. I miss my people. I miss miss miss my people.

My little people miss miss miss people. God, they are longing for people. They are just waiting for any connection, any time, anything. They just need to know when they can see people again because they need to feel like there is another side to all of this.

I know we also need to focus on businesses and opening up the economy and what that all looks like. I know how important that all is, and how we all have so much to figure out.

I know this isn't the worst thing. I know this isn't the end of the world. I know how lucky I am, how lucky my family is, I know. But, I just miss people and I don't feel normal right now. I don't feel full and I just want a normal connection again. Even this introvert wants her people and needs them to feel normal.



  1. I clicked on your post first because you are my FMF neighbor (I'm #20), and had to smile, because of how your post contrasts with what I just wrote. Only recently I'd been thinking about the difference perspective can make on how one experiences things, and this is such a timely example. Love it.

  2. Everyone needs someone. Even blokes like me.

    Don't think you'd want to shake my hand
    or give me a welcome hug,
    for I am what most cannot stand
    an unrepentant football thug.
    I'll fain outfight the Wigan mob,
    to Chelsea, I strike fear.
    It's true that I don't have a job,
    but my friends still buy my beer
    becaue we stand for one another,
    that's what best mates do;
    each ugly bloke, he is my brother
    and I will see him through
    the gates of hell, the doors of gaol,
    and then we will go have an ale.

  3. Losing connections is hard. Hopefully soon, this crazy lifts.

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