Five Minute Friday - sacrifice

Every Friday we unite for five minutes. Only five minutes, that's all we get, that's all we have. And then, right where we are, no edits or second-thoughts, we publish those words. This week, we write on sacrifice.


Wouldn't you know I have been thinking a lot about this word. All that we as people give up, sacrifice, all that we choose is important and all that we decide is no longer important. As mothers, women, workers, friends, parents, people, children, framily members, family members, we make sacrifices for those we love and what we love every day all day. We give up a lot for the other.

We sacrifice sleep for work, or a run, or quiet time with no one up, or the beauty of a sunrise, or sex, or a late-night talk, or worry. We sacrifice sex for sleep, or closeness, or comfort. We sacrifice our families for our jobs, our jobs for our families, our ambition for a different life. We sacrifice love for achievement and heartache for an easy route. We sacrifice our health for an easier way and we sacrifice the easy way for our health. We sacrifice our careers for family, and little, and protection and building something different.

We sacrifice our mentality for a year, we tell ourselves we can do anything for a year, and we sacrifice it all to get to some goal we created. Because we decided. We sacrifice walking away because we love and we just can't. And we know all along, we are putting something aside and making this other thing our priority.



  1. When one actually thinks about it, everything is a sacrifice. You put down what I was thinking succinctly.

    ~Your FMF neighbor

  2. Now you have to choose, my friend,
    and you know this much is true,
    that if you don't in the end
    the choice is made for you.
    You really cannot have it all,
    and it's now time to decide
    what will stand, what will fall,
    and what you try to hide.
    But please do not think it lost
    the good from which you turn away
    for unto God devolves the cost,
    the saving for another day,
    so in that longing backward glance
    know that is born a second chance.

  3. Misty Wagner says:

    mmm.... good words. Everything really is a currency for something else.

    I haven't done a Friday forever. I need to fix this!

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