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Love is defined by watching you eat.
Because you do it with your whole face.
Because it makes your feet dance.
Because it makes your mouth sing "mmm" with each new bite.

Love is defined by watching you smile and hearing your laugh.
Because it doesn't happen often.
Because you go from tears to laughing in a heartbeat.
Because you laugh when something is silly.


Love is watching you be grumpy.
Because it is who you are.
Because you need time to trust.
Because you're unsure.

Love is defined by your touch.
Because you hug with your whole body.
Because you have a spot on my chest that belongs to just you.
Because you run to me with hope of being held.

DSC_2225 IMG_5328

Love is defined by watching you with her.
Because you need each other.
Because you want to be just like her and do just like her and act just like her.
Because you both were made in love.

Love is defined through your tears.
Because it's how you communicate toddler frustration.
Because if I don't decide to love in these moments of torment, the loud pain will drive me away from love.
Because I understand frustration.


Love is defined in watching you walk.
Because it makes you giddy.
Because you are so proud.
Because you worked and fought for that freedom.

Love is defined in you.
Because I wanted you.
Because I bled and battled for you.
Because I hurt for you and with you.
Because I define you as love.



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    Thank you. He is remarkably easy to write about.

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