Getting to know you

Like everyone says, the days are long, but the years are short. You came into this world slowly and with a mission. Getting to know you has been the greatest gift I have ever received.

You come from two very different people, each with their own strengths and their own set backs. What I want for you Anna is to:

Keep your dad's caring eyes and smile. I fell in love with dad because his smile can light up a room. It's the one characteristic that makes others love and trust him. Hold on to that and use is wisely.

Keep your dad's hunger for life. Everyday is a new day and a new adventure. Don't ever let go of that feeling of wanting to find out what a new path can lead to.

Keep your mom's stubbornness. Even though this currently drives me to drink and you and I will battle for years to come because of it, hold on to this. It is what will drive you to succeed in life and make you independent and able to take care of yourself. You will make your mark because you know you can.

Keep your mom's work ethic. Have as much fun as you can but remember to get anywhere in this world, you have to fight and work for it. You can do anything you want so you go and get it!

Keep how hard we all laugh. Laughter will get you through good and bad times. It can end a fight, it can make you feel better, it can take over your whole body so let it. Find people in your life that make you laugh to the point where your body hurts.

Four years ago, you made us parents, me a mom, and made our house a cozy home. We love you and thank you for picking us! Happy 4th birthday big girl!



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