I sat in an adoption center, looked over at you sitting in a chair across the room from me and looked into your brown eyes and said, "hi Mia...I'm your new mom". You tilted your head to one side, jumped off your chair came over to me and sat next to me. You put your paw on my leg and looked back at me as if to say "I know mom, I've been waiting for you".

June 24th is a very special day in our house...12 years ago Mia came into my life. I hadn't met and adopted Cory yet so for this small period of time, she was all mine. I say that I adopted her, but as all of us with pets know, they really adopt you.

Shortly after, we both took in Cory and that's when the twosome became a family of three. Mia, you were the first baby I ever loved. You were the first little thing I cared for and have brought more to my life than you will ever know. You are the reason I gave motherhood a try, you kept me and Cory going strong. You were the first thing that made us not just a couple but a real family.

I want to thank you for the most amazing 12 years of my life. I have learned this year from others who have said goodbye to their furry babies that no matter the years and time together, it is never enough. Just know that you melted my heart, from our first hello. You will forever be my peanut and I will forever carry you with me.

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