Graduation for him

Next week
you are all done.
Next week, you will no longer be in preschool.
Next week, you will graduate.

Here is the most remarkable part of this whole thing monkey...
you and school really hit it off.
You are the perfect mix.
Watching you develop into this kid...
the listener
the curious one
the one that raises his hand
the one that shows respect and as always love
and so much love
well, it has made me fall in love with you
all over again.

I honestly thought school would be your challenge.
The sitting
the listening
the slow beat of it
the sharing
the taking turns
but you found your rhythm
you found your speed.
And each and every time I saw you there
you were the best version of you there is.
You were kind
you were gentle
you were caring
you were loving
you were respectful
you were joy
you were always trying
you were learning
you were always curious
you were happy
you were a good friend
you were amazing.
And I watched this amazing little boy
I watched him beam
I watched him just do
I watched him in his routine
I watched him.

Next week is your last day of school there.
And no other child of mine will be going to that preschool.
I will never ride in the car and hear, that's my school! when I pass that adorable little building.
The teacher,
the one I fell in love with,
the one who has patience and grace and care and is smart and overwhelmingly loving, I will never see her now.
I have already cried hugging her goodbye.
I have already thanked her for being the greatest person to them.
I have already reminded her she is the reason I came back to the school, because I couldn't wait for my son to be taught by her.
And she lived up to all of my memories of her.
She was even more amazing than I remembered
and she too fell in love with a little boy that became five before my eyes.

So I went back and read the story of Anna's graduation.
Reading back on the words, seeing the pictures, well the heaviness of your graduation hit hard.
And the tears came.
Because, this, once again, if my last.
And you know how mom deals with milestones and change.

Monkey, I am so proud of you.
I am so overwhelmed by your love and good heart.
You are the best Cole I know, so always always always be you.

Put on that little cap.
Sit up on that stage.
Sing your songs, the ones you have been practicing.
Sing the songs for dad too, the ones you are keeping a surprise.
We think you're the greatest and Kindergarten is so lucky to have you!
Go get them monkey!

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