He always had this amazing smile on his face.
He was completely covered in joy.
And I fell hard, knowing he was my person, he was family.

He didn't have grand ideas.
He was very traditional.
He just wanted us, and a little family to call his own.
He wanted the career he knew he was made for,
he wanted a house to call home.

But his ideas were grand to me.
They were dreams I didn't have
so he took my hand, walked me through fear and he created my family.
My home, my safe.
He started all of this,
he was my beginning,
he is my middle,
he will be my happy ending.

Even when times are tough and we aren't happy,
he reminds me of all of us.
He takes my hand again and he reminds me that the real us, we are in here.
And he slows me down.

He is the reason I don't give up,
not on them
not on me
not on you
not on each other
not on us.
Because he tells me that giving up isn't an option
not when you found this version of love.
He reminds me that love means picking each other,
through the good, through the trying, through the boring ordinary life.
He reminds me to keep taking his hand.

Yeah, you were his idea.
You were always a part of his dreams, he knew you would be here.
He knew being a dad was part of his story and he made sure we wrote this chapter, together.

He makes this world a better place
people are better for knowing him
he brings them smiles
he brings them his stories, the ones he laughs at himeself for
he thinks he is so funny, even though he has dad humor, way before he became a dad.

Happy birthday coach.
You are so lucky to be loved this much
and we are so lucky to have you to love.

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