How gorgeous it is

It's never really described as gorgeous.
Or fancy.
It's never really seen for the beauty that lies within.
Because so much of it is ugly
and not glamours.
And so many moments are spent unwashed
teeth into it
So many moments are spent with your feet on crumbs,
picking up and distributing piles, never really putting them away.
So much of it is an exhaustion that leaves you feeling so unattractive,
so gross
so old
so dirty
so so unattractive.
There are days when you are filling up cereal bowls
and washing away dishes and more dishes
and making beds
and wiping faces
and bums
and noses.
There are days of dinner
and clean ups
and spills
and old doggies that make mistakes
and toddlers that have accidents
and yelling that hurts.
It's an ordinary life
filled with ordinary moments
but it's so far from ordinary.
Because there is beauty here.
There is true, raw, gorgeous beauty.
Glamour, no.
Fancy, no.
Sophisticated, no.
But beauty, oh my god yes.
Because you are creating moments, that fill days, that spill into weeks, that become months that after you blink are years and years...
in which you created a life.
Their life
a life for you
your life
you are creating a life.
And how can that be anything but glorious and gorgeous.
And it all matters.
The moments wrapped together on the couch,
the moments laughing
the ones crying
the moments building
even the moments that tear us down.
They are all so beautiful.
Fill your heart until your memories run down your face beautiful.
Your time,
their time
you're creating a life
how gorgeous is it.


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