I believe in everything

I believe in you,
in us,
in family.
I believe that family is how you define who you want to be with, spend time with.
I believe that the right family wakes you up from a long deep sleep.
I believe that family makes you heal.
I believe that family makes you feel a heavy weight that somehow makes you feel free.
I believe in growing old together, hand in hand.
I believe in love.
I believe in love fixing the broken, all the broken pieces.
I believe that love puts us back together.
I believe that we need more of it, that we can never have too much.
I believe in hope and second chances.
I believe in second childhoods because I believe that childhood is important, at any age.
I believe in laughing and having it take control of your body.
I believe in smiling so that each wrinkle is a memory of a moment that made you smile.
I believe in how heavy little is.

I believe in running and movement and health for each part of you.
I believe in calm and finding it daily, your part of peace.
I believe in quiet and refilling yourself.

I believe you will find happiness,
I believe you will work hard.
I believe you will conquer.
I believe that you can and will because you will try!
I believe in your heart.
I believe in your mind.
I believe in your ability.
I will always believe in you, more than you believe in yourself.
I have faith wrapped up in you.

I believe in you,
in us,
in family.


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