I get it

Hi monkey. It's really true that you are getting bigger, and older.
Things that once were so easy and natural, you are now fighting against because someone might see.
It's new for us.
And, It's okay, I get it.

We once shared hand-holding, little guy smooches, huge hugs, and snuggles, in public or not.
None of it mattered and now, it does. Now, it matters and now, you notice.
You feel that people can't see it, especially at school.
It's okay, I get it.

Most kids would just move on and move past it.
But not you. You called attention to it and talked through your feelings and confusion.
It's really sad that I'm getting older mom. It's sad.
It's okay, I get that too.

As your dad talked through what makes you special...
the fact that you are such a leader...
the fact that you don't embarrass easily...
the fact that you are all emotion all the time and you don't care...
the fact that you are a friend, and you would never let anyone feel bad about still being little...
You still felt like some things are just time to move on from.
It's okay, I get it.

And then you walked me through what would still stay the same.
Our goodnights would stay the same.
How we can snuggle would stay the same...just at home.
How we hold hands and talk about the day, would stay the same.
How you still love your nicknames...just at home.
How little guy smooches are still fine...just at home.
But, for some things, they have to go.
It's okay, I get it.

Quietly, and in private, I told your dad that I do get it, I do...
but like all moms, I felt it too.
Because you're my last and the one that cared the least about this stuff.
But, you also held on for a really long time with me.
And it is time.
It's okay, I get it.

And because it's you, there are times you let your guard down.
When you lost a game, you cried in my arms.
When you get hurt, you still come running to me.
When something bothers you or hurts your feelings, you still let it all out, no matter where you are.
I get that too.

Ok, so it is time.
You are double digits.
You are in your last year of elementary school.
You are telling us we have to move on from some of the little.
You are ready.

And, it's okay, I get it.

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