I love you because...2017

Each February, you wake up to one new note reminding you of why I love you.
And you hold me to it, if there was ever a morning I forgot, you would tell me,
you wanted the reminder too.

Anna, I love you because...
you stand up for you - please always do this with all people and in all places in your life
you love Cole
you tell me about your day
math if your favorite subject
you always try, with all you have, you try
you kiss noses
you are smart
you love to read
you love family movie night and pancake Sunday
you look like mom and dad
you love our reading dates
you run and bike with me, you keep me going
you love your family
you are a good helper

Cole, I love you because...
you love family movie night and pancake Sunday
you work hard at school
you are a great little brother, amazing actually
you snuggle and talk at night time
you adore dad and run to the door to meet him!
you LOVE food!
you are smart
you care about those you love
you give "little guy" smooches
you are a great friend
you work hard on using your words
you give the best hugs
you love to move
you are so kind and gentle

The reasons are endless my loves, but here is another good one...I just love you.

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