I love you too

Comfortable us.

That is how most would describe our love.
Looking in, most would think that we are so bland.
Too comfortable.
Comfortable us.

Because like all parents,
we work hard to make this work.
Like all parents,
we figure this out together.
Like all parents,
Sunday night comes with a sense of dread...
the start of a new week
all balls in the air
will one get sick
will one need to pull us out
will everyone at daycare be okay to take him
will school and all the extras get worked out
And like all parents,
it somehow works itself out, just because it has to.

Comfortable us.

Because like all parents, our lives are full of a lot of have tos.
A lot of things for them.
And our love, it looks boring.
And although we may think it looks different,
different than it once did,
it really doesn't.

Because the truth is, we were never the romance all around us couple.
We were never a whirlwind.
We were always the comfortable couple.
Comfortable to love you
fell into us right away.
Family, from the start.
We were always us, even in the very beginning.
Our best moments were movies and movies and more movies.
Nights on the couch,
watching anything,
touching toes.

Comfortable us.

And so, although there is so much more on our plates
at the end of the day, we still find our comfort.
We always find us.
Still on that couch
long day behind us
all have tos put away
still close
still with popcorn
still, touching toes
still us.

Comfortable us.

And our "I love yous" they are still said.
And although there are times they sound different,
with you getting them ready in the morning and ready for bed
with me handling after school and homework
with both of us balancing their stuff
and our stuff
and work
and the house,
they are still said.
Sometimes they are said by me getting up in the dark, so I can be there after school.
Sometimes they are said by a house project being complete and you waiting for my reaction to your hard work.
Sometimes they are said by one realizing the other needs to step away.
Sometimes they are said by you accepting how many races I need a year,
how many miles I want to accomplish.
Sometimes they are said with our family swims, or bike rides.
Sometimes they are said by piling around the island, gorging on pancakes.
But there is a lot of how we have always said it.
We still say "I love you" by holding hands.
And hugs,
and smooches,
and touching,
and connecting,
and toes,
and warmth,
and finding a nook.

Comfortable us.

And there are times that in the fog of parenting, we get lost.
In the fog of life, we get lost.
In the fog of jobs and careers, we get lost.
But our compass brings us back.
To boring
to comfortable us
to us
to family.
To right where we are.
Because "we found love right where we are".

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