I remember

When I found out I was pregnant with you and I turned to your dad and said, "it's a girl...I just know it".
The day I finally shared you with the world
When they placed you in my arms
When you slipped into my heart
When we brought you home
When you started talking
When you started walking
When you started giggling
When you said "I love you" and knew what it meant.
When you held your brother for the first time
When you said he was your best friend.
The day you put on your backpack and went off to preschool, never looking back, as excited as can be.
This kiss and you asking "are you happy mommy"?
Feeling so proud of you
The overwhelming feeling of knowing for the rest of our lives, I will have to let your hand go so you can grow up to be you.

IMG_2136 2012-09-11 08.22.17


  1. […] we gave you in the hospital, you still love her to this day. Your first day of preschool was 9.11.12 and you looked so big. I let go of your hand that day and realized I was now in for a lifetime of […]

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