In 2 years

In two years you have taught us
that people can run away and towards love all at the same time.
Patience, and how much of it we lack.
Patience, and how much of it you are building in us.
That a frustrated one year old can spend almost an entire year crying.
To trust your heart.
That you are strong.
That you are determined.
That you will fight.
That we will fight for you and with you.
That anything that is worth this much is worth fighting for,
and that you are always worth it.
That we will always carry you.
That you are love.
That you are family.
That you completed our family.
That everything is so exciting for you.
That you love food.
That you love sports.
That you love love love your dad.
That you are the only man I have ever loved at first sight.
That you are the only man I will ever love at first sight.
That strangers fall madly in love with you.
And it's because you are the definition of "love at first sight".
That where you start from doesn't define where you end up.
That we are going to miss these times and when we look back on them, we will only remember the squishy moments of love.

IMG_0970 IMG_0394

In two years you have learned
that you love your sister and want to do everything she does at the exact moment she is doing it.
To roll over.
To crawl.
To walk.
To run.
To gather yourself and find your words.
To speak,
in sentences.
To express love through hugs
and through "I love yous"
and through smooches.
That we will forever love you.
That you can melt hearts.
That a hug can help so much.
That you love Mia.
That you are strong enough to handle yourself.
That you can take care of you.

Cole IMG_4196

Cole, you have found a way to be our sunshine when clouds are gray. You have made us real and given us a glimpse at all that is gorgeous. You remind us that nothing in life is perfect, nothing is what you expect. All of it is glorious work, but the kind of work you wish you could do forever. You remind us of our priorities. You remind us to find laughter, to always find laughter and love.

Houser25 Houser28-2

What I love most about you...
your curls!
your incredible smile
your laugh, god, I love it when you laugh
your hugs and kisses
when you say "I love you mom" or "I love you dad" or "I love you Anna"
when you say "sorry"
when you say "excuse me"
when you run
when you count
when you sing along to a song that's playing in the car
watching you and Anna eat breakfast together
when you speak Italian
saying goodnight to you, moments that I will carry with me forever
what I love most about you sweet and low...
IMG_5313 IMG_5290

IMG_6481 DSC_2165

is everything.

You'll never know dear, how much we love you. Please don't take my sunshine away.

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