In a nutshell

The season is over,
the decorations will soon be down,
the house will go back to normal mess.

Another year of picking it all out, wrapping it so, and making sure we see smiles on their face that morning.
Another year of traditions and moments.

And here's why I love it all...

I love that we have incorporated his childhood traditions and wonderful family moments into our family.
Like looking at lights on Christmas Eve,
making sure decorating the house is a family project,
making sure the night before Santa and his elves are hard at work.
I love that we have so many of our own traditions.
Like breakfast together,
black Friday shopping that's one of our best date nights,
the morning of being just us four,
the night before being all about family,
the baking,
new pjs every year for everyone.

And I love how close we seem to get this time of year.
You almost can't help it with how excited they are.
How magical they make it all.
How they get along almost well for a few days after, playing together and discovering their new toys...together.

In a few more days, the new will be old.
The routine will be back to normal,
the house will be back to its old messy self.
Life will be busy,
work will take over again.
Classes will start and school lunches will have to be packed.
Backpacks will be loaded, homework will start.
Juggling Cole and daycare and bus schedules and meetings, it will all start.

But, we had another year of memories and time.
We got to see their smiles, see how excited they were.
He knows about Santa now and she believes with all of her heart.
They trust in elves and in us.
They believe in magic.

And, I believe in us.
I fall a little harder this time of year, for you, for them, for all of us.
And it's because you work so hard to make it special for them.
I wish you could see your eyes when you find that perfect gift, or when you're finished putting together that special toy.
I wish you could see the look on your face when you show them a new experience and the fact that you're reliving your childhood through them too.
I know I make a bigger deal out of my second chance and I know that you had a magical childhood and don't need a second chance, but you're getting one anyway.

In a nutshell, I love this time of year.

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