Just like you

Have you noticed it yet?
Do you see how he does everything you do?
How interested he is in what you do?

2013-02-12 18.10.23

In where you go?
In all you are into?


Did you ever notice how patient he is with you?

2013-01-21 17.16.00

How he looks for you first thing in the morning?


How much he loves you?


And, it all started right from the beginning.


He has always looked up to you.
He always wants to play with you,
be near you,
be close to you.

His love for you, it's crazy
and wild
and never ending.
He adores you.
He wants to do all you do, at the exact moment you do it.
He copies you.
He follows you.
He plays with what you want to play with.
He colors when you color.
He plays dolls when you do.
He throws the balls around when you are ready to play with balls.
He is your little brother.
He is your shadow.
He is your best friend.
He is your wing-man.
He is upset for you,
with you.
He is happy for you,
with you.
He is all we all ever wanted,
all you ever needed,
even if you weren't aware.
He is what you waited and waited for.
You do right by him.
You love him right back.
Because, it's already starting to change.
He already is starting to have his own thoughts and wants
and he expresses them.
You can already see him stick up for himself and fight for what he wants.
But, as one little sibling to another, let me remind you that
he wants to be
just like you...always.
And that, sweet girl,
that is sibling love that fills me full.

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