Just. One. More.

First, there was you and me and our little Mia made us three.
Then, we added Anna as our perfect number four and
since she was such a good idea we decided to add...
Just. One. More.

We welcomed Cole Blake Houser into the world, our lives and family on
Wednesday May 30th at 9:15am
Cole weighed 9 pounds, 14.1 oz and was 21 inches long

All our healthy, happy, and home.

They slipped him into our arms and he quickly slipped into our hearts. He has filled our home with a warm calm and has made a loving three year old a loving and sweet big sister. She is so proud to be his big sister and they are in love with each other.

Our hearts grew to twice their size and we could not feel anymore blessed and loved. They give us so much, they remind us of simpler times, they allow us to see the world through their brand new eyes. They own our smiles, our tears, our scars and worries. They. Are. Love.

Thank you Cory for knowing how much I wanted this, knowing how good you would be to carry me through. You are an incredible father and I cannot believe that you found me. IMG_0674

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