There is no doubt that this has been a difficult week.
For our nation, for our communities, for my friends, for my family and for me.
This week, I found myself explaining harder and more than ever to both of my children the importance of love.

Because here is what I have always believed...
love can fix the broken
love can put us back together
love can cure
love can heal
love can recapture your past
love can move you towards your future
love is always the answer.

Love can be seen in hugs
in smooches
in words
in touching
in holding hands
in family.

Love can be heard in hellos
in goodbyes
in words of encouragement
between friends
and family
and children
and parents
and in heroes.

Love can be felt with words that lift
in warmth
in comfort
in the common and ordinary
in cozy
in affection.

Love is everywhere, everywhere.
You look for it, you keep showing it, you don't give up on it, ever.
You don't give up on kindness and gentle.
You don't give up on communities and people that need it.
You show up.
You show up for love because
love is showing up for everyone
even if you are tired
even if you are worried
love is showing up and telling the world how we will be treated.

Love is important, the most important.
Because love dictates words and priorities and time spent and how and when we reach out.
Love what you turn to
focus on
love is what brings you back
to you.
And who you are
and what you believe in
and what you know in your heart to be right and good and true.
Love is an honor to receive
and free to give out.

Love is the answer
to every and any question
love is always the answer.

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