I often wonder, what will stay with you.
Which memory will linger?
Is it how we got started?

100_7158 IMG_0511

100_7495 IMG_0501
Is it our times on the couch?
100_7579 IMG_7322
Is it playing together?

IMG_0984 IMG_20130624_161732_068
Is it when I finally get to be the one to read you books.
Is it bath time with dad?
Is it playing together in your rooms?
Is it holding hands?
Is it trips and vacations?
Is it your adventures with dad or helping him outside?
Is it times when things are tough and someone is yelling?
Either you, or me, or dad?
Is it frustration tears?
Will you remember NYC? Will you remember every holiday trip and picking out a special ornament?
Is it trips to watch the Yankees?

Will you remember the Cape, and our time on the beach?

IMG_4875 IMG_4897
Is it Boston and how much you love looking for the ducklings?
Will you remember this house project and how patient you had to be?
Will you remember family walks?
And Mia...tell me you will always remember Mia.

Will you remember family movie night?
Will you remember how we snuggle right in together?
Is it the fireplace and how you follow me there to stand and get warm?
Is it the track and all the summer days and nights we spent there?

Is it your first day of school?
How ready you were, to take on your world?

Will you remember the good?
Will you remember how hard we tried and how much we do to make you experience a happy childhood?

Will you remember how much we love,
how often we say it,
in so many different ways?

Houser081 DSC_2209

Will you remember how much we embrace, and hug and kiss?
Will you remember how to hold my hand? Will you remember how safe it feels?
Will your memories be warm?
Will they be filled with the love we tried to pour out?
Each time we fight, we argue, you test, you have a tantrum, you cry, you slam a door, there is yelling, tears come flying, time outs get worse, "no!" is screamed, I wonder...
will you remember the good and how much we loved?
Because the memories you have left, the times I will remember,
they are filled with warmth.
They are filled with two little faces and one strong person that changed my life, my world.
They are filled with you.
They are filled with love.
They are filled with good.

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