My gift

Dear Anna,
You gave me my title of mom and on this Mother's Day, I want to share with you all that you have already gifted me, just by picking us to carry your heart:

Your smile when you wake up
Your sweetness when we say goodnight
How much you want to be around me
Your eyes (you get them from dad)
Your knowledge
Your determination (you get this from me)
Your love of reading
How much family movie nights mean to you
The fight you have in you (you get that from me)
Your ability to navigate (you get that from dad)
Your stubbornness (you get that from me)
Your memory (you get that from me)
Your hugs (you get that from dad)
When we kiss noses
When you tell me you carry my heart
When you tell me you love me
When we're holding hands and you give mine a little kiss
When you tell me I'm your favorite mom
When you read to me
When you snuggle in so I can read to you
When you look for me in a crowd

Saying goodnight to you is one of the most precious memories that I will hold on to forever, the moments I will remember when I am dying. It's my favorite part of the day, every day.

I carry your heart with me sweet Anna James. I carry it in my heart and where ever you are my darling, I will be. We will never be apart.

Houser024 IMG_5996

Dear Cole,
Your unbelievable gift is that you completed our family, before you even arrived. You were the only man I ever fell head over heals in love with, as soon as I met you. Love at first sight that fills me full and I feel so gifted when:
You scream, "mom look!" at something so exciting it visibly bursts your heart open
People tell me how amazing your curls are (you got those from me!)
People tell me how gorgeous your eyes are (you got those from dad)
People tell me how much you look like a life-size doll (you look just like your dad)
You use your words (and now sentences!)
You are so excited about eating that your feet dance
You smile (you melt hearts)
You love any sport with a ball (all dad)
You tell me about each basketball hoop in all the neighborhoods
You fought to walk
You now run and run and run and...
You are impossibly determined and persistent at getting exactly what you want!
You give hugs
You give smooches
You laugh
You are grumpy
You say sorry or excuse me
You do everything Anna does
You whisper "I love you"
You hold my hand
You ask me to read to you

Little Cole Blake, I eat you up I love you so, mom's sweet and low. Thank you for finding your way into this crazy family. Thank you for claiming your sense of self and holding your ground. Thank you for loving us and allowing us to love you. "You will never know dear, how much I love you...please don't take my sunshine away"...

Cole IMG_4009


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