Pearl Rose

There isn’t a human being in the world worthy of any dog’s welcome. –RICHARD POWERS

I'm going to say it, we don't deserve dogs.
We don't deserve their attention, adoration, snuggles, or smooches.
We don't deserve their tail wags, their perked ears, their nose bumps.
We don't deserve their cooley's shaking when they see us or their sad eyes as we're saying goodbye.

We don't deserve their warm welcomes.
Or their hugs.
We don't deserve their excitement and their constant love.
We don't deserve their loyalty, protection, or ability to continue learning what we want them to do.

We don't deserve their tiny paws reaching for us.
Or their soft ears that feel like fleece blankets.
We don't deserve to be raised by them or to be their forever.
We don't deserve to be their always.

But, they give us all of this anyway. They give us all of them, every single day.
They give us their excitement and their calm.
They give us their whole selves, no ties, no exceptions, just them.

They love our families. They love their homes.
They welcome our guests, they look forward to the quiet.
They love our walks and our runs. They adore their rest and all the sleep they want.
They love our beds and couches and their beds and blankets.
They love a car ride and are sad when a member of the pack leaves.
They look out for their family and they protect what they love.

We don't deserve dogs, but they don't care.

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