Perfectly imperfect...us

Perfectly imperfect.
That's our entire life
our entire world.
It's our whole story.
Perfectly imperfect.

From the moment you got down on one knee
and in my shock, disbelief and fright,
said no.
And I yelled,
and then we cried
and hugged
Perfectly imperfect is who we are.

Just like when we thought we could take on every stress,
every situation,
pile it all on,
like we always do.
And it got to us,
like it always does,
and we lost sight of all that was important...
Just us.
But just like we always do, we came back,
and cried
and hugged
Perfectly imperfect is who we are.

Just like when we thought we knew all about how we were going to parent.
We, I, figured out every scenario and tried to reason a way out of the situation.
And you told me to let go and just give it a chance.
And in the end,
it's the best thing we have ever done.
No matter the stress
We created the two most amazing people on earth,
the best people I know.
And we cry
and we hug
Perfectly imperfect is who we are.

Just like when our kids always have a messy face
but they take my OCD away because they are just happy that they ate something yummy.
Just like the house always has stuff and little things everywhere
but they remind me how much fun they had today.
Just like when I feel like there is no way to get it all done,
but we always find a way.

We fight
but we love...
each other, them, our lives.
We get so annoyed
but we always touch toes,
and hold hands and on to each other...
to find us.
We yell
but we guide...
and above all, we are working on being more gentle.
We make so many mistakes
and we (I) regret all of them for sure.
We (I) hold on to our mistakes for so long.
We (I) feel as though I have made a mistake that will forever damage,
but I (we) learn.
We learn from all of them.
We are tired
but have to have more energy,
more give
find more to give.
We are weak
but have more weight to carry.
We are hard
but have to be soft and loving.
We are spent,
but have to find time, love and attention.
Perfectly imperfect is who we are.


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