Stomp all you want around the house.
Scream at each other.
Scream at me,
be rude to me.
Cry that you are going to bed early because of your behavior,
be upset about that 5th time out.

I will always love you, period.

Disappoint me.
Make a bad choice.
Fail a test.
Be mean, be rude, try your hardest.

I will always love you, period.

Don't make the team.
Don't be in the play.
Don't make that shot, the one that would have won the game.

I will always love you, period.

Slam that door,
tell me how angry you are.
Have your words rip through me.

I will always love you, period.

Nothing you do or don't do will ever make me love you more, or less.
There is no need to lie to me,
no need to keep things from me.
Don't you get that?

I will always love you, period.

You and I are attached.
You are my family.
I wished for you,
I tried for you,
I was so lucky to carry you with me.
I got to hold you from the inside and rock you to sleep.
I am the one that knew your every sound, your ever whimper.

I felt your hiccups coming from my belly.
I was the one to take away your pain.
I was and am there to pick you up.
And ugly frustration and my stubborn gene won't take that love away.

I will always love you, period.

Yes, I will be sad.
Yes, I will not like you in that moment.
Yes, I will not tolerate your behavior and we will battle.
And yes, I will fight for you, for who I know you are, even when you aren't being that person.
I will fight for your character.

And I will always love you, period.

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