I know, it's been your favorite color forever.
You love being a girl and all the frills and girly stuff that comes with it.
You would sell me for a dress.
You would wear one everyday, rain/shine/snow/sleet...no matter to you.
You love femininity and all gentleness it comes with.

But, you know what,
you love loud too!
You love to run, so hard, so fast, red in the face when you stop kind of run.
You love to run with me and I long for the days we will go on long runs together.
I long for the days that I get to show you and teach you what running like a girl looks like.
You love to get dirty, play in the mud, find every puddle kind of dirty.
And it drives your calm dad more crazy than your OCD mom.

Princesses, you love them all.
You love the dresses and the dancing and singing.
You love their hair, how long it is.
And I work to tell you about their personality, or their determination,
I work to show you how they may have just saved the day and how their beauty doesn't come close to their brains.

Beauty, you love to hear you look beautiful.
You love telling me how pretty I look.
You love to get dressed up, you love watching me put on a dress, you adore it when we look alike.

But, it's not the clothes that make us look alike.
It's us.
It's what binds up, hands on our hips, stubborn determination, our temper, that's how we're alike.

I grew up listening to all I could not do, because I was a girl.
I will not allow you to ever think that.
I grew up fighting the can't, but there is no need for you to fight, not in our house.

I know how much you love being a girl, and I love that you get to decide what that means and looks like for you.
I love that you love pink, but I also love that it doesn't matter what you're wearing if it means you get to play outside.
I love how gorgeous you are, but I love that your beauty shines the most when you are kind and show your heart.
I love how much you are understanding at school, I love your mind.

wear pink
dress in dresses everyday
play with your princesses
play house
do your match homework and love how numbers make sense
read your books and get lost in stories
go for that run
find that puddle
get dirty
rip your clothes
get your fingernails dirty
be the girl you are.

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