Simply the best in 2016

Each year, we want and need you to realize how much you have meant to us.

Dear Cory,
From the moment I met you, you talked about them.
You knew they were going to be a part of your story,
and you were determined to make them a part of mine.
They were your idea, your want, your need.
And thank god you did, you got us here.

This past year,
I have felt as though we are coming out of our fog.
Our babies are becoming kids.
Our tempers are calming,
we have worked together to find another way,
and you have found your natural joy again.

This year,
we have heard you laugh, your real laugh.
We have seen you have so much fun with them,
we have seen the projects not be as overwhelming, and therefore you feel like you have time.

And so sweet love, here is a small glimpse of our year and your moments of being simply the best...

Because you are my coach and their hero.
Because you are coaching their soccer teams and it's adorable.
Because you taught me how to ride my bike dad, and made me realize how easy it is if I keep trying.
Because you taught me that being with you is the best time.
Because if you are ever wondering how much your children love you, always and forever think of both of their need to be close to you.
Because Cole is your forever best buddy.
Because you are all he wants.
And although he can be so in the way, so loud, that child needs so much of you, because you are honestly his everything.
Because you still want to date me.
Because you are their morning routine, their bedtime partner and you do it with such ease.
Because you run them anywhere they need to be.
Because they only want to play outside when you are out there with them.
Because you taught her how to ride her bike.
Because you teach them everything, and you have the patience of a saint, and so much common sense knowledge about how to get them from point A to point B.
Because you work hard.
Because you work so so smart.
Because you are an amazing DIY guy.
Because you keep my crazy a little under control.
Because you do so much to keep peace and calm in our home, in my mind.
Because you love us.
Because he loves it when you read to him at night.
Because you taught us all to fall in love with a game and how important being a part of a team is.
Because before you met them, you loved them. You wanted them, just the two of them, and they found us.
Because you always and forever support anything I want to do.
Because you were the first person to believe in me, more than I believed in myself.
Because you softened me.
Because you allow me to stop everything at 8pm and you just take care of me.
Because you hold my hand through everything.
Because everyday, I am reminded how gorgeous you are, because they both look like you.
Because if you ever want to know what real love is, find the picture of you holding them for the first time.
Because we love all of you.


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