Simply the best

Dear Anna and Cole,

Many years ago, a girl met a boy.
That boy married that girl.
And because he got down on one knee and took her hand in his,
she was able to give the two of you the greatest gift...your dad.


He is simply, the best.
At all things dad.
And I know it, you know it, you feel it, but he is always questioning himself.
Questioning his reactions.
He questions if you realize how much he loves you.
He questions if you feel his love and his devotion.

So, on this day, let's tell him why he is a superhero.

Houser121 Houser009

It's because...
If given a choice Cole, you would climb on top of dad and snuggle right in.
He gets on his hands and knees and plays horsey with you.
He registers for all sports, all classes, and attends every single one.
He always holds my hand.
He gets you up and out of the house and does it with such ease.
He makes up your lunches.
You both run to the door when you hear the garage door open.
You both want to hug and squeeze him.
Playing outside with dad is your favorite activity and Anna, you even write about it.
When you're hurt Cole, he is your comfort.
He is the only one that gives you baths.
He is so patient when teaching you to tie your shoes, or do worksheets, or a new skill or...
You love hearing bed time stories from him.
After all these years, he still takes me to see Dave Matthews in the summer and it's one of his favorite things.
He introduced me to "Calvin and Hobbes".
He introduced me to basketball, and baseball and the love of team and rooting your team on.
When you're scared, you call for dad.
Before he met you, he loved you. He wanted you, just the two of you, and you found him.
You bring out the adult in him.
He lets me spend hours working, never once mad, resentful, questioning.
He lets me spend hours training for a race, never once mad, resentful, questioning.
He always gets me dessert at night.
He quickly pours me wine to let the day melt away.
He held my hand through my MS, never even thought of leaving.
He gave me shots for years and years and years, through the cries, through the pain, through the screams of stop.
You learned how to hug from him.
He's competitive and athletic.
Everyday, I am reminded how gorgeous he is, because you both look like him.
You were both his idea, and it was a great one.
If you ever want to know what real love is, find the picture of dad holding you for the first time.

100_7158 IMG_0511

He downloads all of your favorite songs so you can listen to them in the car.
He has introduced you both to great movies.
When I fall asleep on the couch, he carries me upstairs.
When either of you fall asleep in the car, he carries you too.
He wants you both to achieve so much, and you will.
He expects you to work hard, and you will.
He realizes how smart you both are, and tells you.
He does your hair better.
He has always cuts your nails...always.
He is the reason we love sports.
He is the reason I believe in joy.
He made me believe in family.
He wanted a girl.
He wanted a boy.
He fell in love with being your dad.

He is your dad.
He will always love you.
He will always be proud of you.
He will always work hard for you and expects you to work hard too.
He will always hold you up.
He will always back you up.
He will always dream with you.
He will always remind you we are a team.
He will always tell you to push harder.
He will always amaze me.
He will always love us.

He is your dad.
Simply, the best gift I could have ever given you.


  1. Andee Flynn says:

    This brought tears. Precious beautiful tears.

    1. childhood says:

      Thank you for your kind words. He is a part of my story and it's important he realizes how much we adore him.

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