"One day, I counted your fingers and kissed each one"...

I introduced you to baths, and sleep, and snow and long warm walks.

I introduced you to joyful snuggles, and couch time.

It was the tiniest of families, living in a quiet world.

You, you introduced me to small love that grows deeper with each day. You introduced me to pregnancy hiccups and babies rolling over in my belly and the feeling of baby kicks.

You introduced me to having a moment feel like a lifetime while watching you on a screen, and having two hearts beating in one body.

You introduced me to the feeling of having your finger held by an entire hand. You introduced me to infant cries, and baby skin, and little girl eye lashes and a baby smile.

You introduced me to motherhood, you awoke me from a fog and dove me into love.

"One day, we crossed the street and you held my hand tight"...

I introduced this world to you, and you gave it all back to me by introducing a happy childhood to me.

Then, you were my baby.
Today, you are my child.
But someday...

Someday, I will watch you and your little bag climb onto a big bus.
Someday, I will watch you read your first book, all by yourself.
Someday, you will make friends and someday, they will become so important to you.

Someday, life will hurt and the pain will be so devastating you will feel like you can't go on.
Someday, you will be so terrified that you will feel paralyzed.
Someday, happiness will make you feel so elated, you will think your feet aren't touching the ground.
Someday you will soar and when that day comes, you will go.

"Someday, I will stand on this porch and watch your arms waving to me until I no longer see you...
Someday, you will look at this house and wonder how something that feels so big can look so small..."

Someday, you will go. You will turn and walk out of this house we created together and you will realize that in these walls, there was, there is, love. You will go and build your own life your own world and I hope we have given you the strength and courage to go, and be, and do.

Someday, you will be off. And when that day comes, I will have to let you go. I will have to let tiny fingers and tiny toes and a little girl that reaches for me go. I will have to give up on kissing you good night and tucking you in. I will have to let go of our Friday family movie nights and snuggles on our chair.

Someday, I will let your entire hand go.

"Sometimes when you sleep, I watch you dream and I dream too..."

Someday, you will feel the heavy weight of a tiny body and the heavy weight of a loving family.
Someday, you will feel hands reaching for you.
Someday, you will feel love from somewhere inside, love you have been waiting for.
Someday, you too will have wrinkles on your face that are full of happy memories.
Someday, you too will sit and watch your life unfold.

"And when that day comes love, you will remember me".

You will remember us, 100_7261
and how we got started. IMG_5996

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