Although there are many weeks left,
to us,
to this little family,
Labor Day weekend is always our goodbye.
I think it's because our hero,
the person who is responsible for the joy and laughter and silly in our house, is a teacher.
And his summer being over means they say goodbye to their summer and goodbye to their adventures, and it all goes back.
To schedules and work being crazy for both of us and structure and so much getting ready the night before.
We kind of say goodbye to carefree and light and a little part of me always aches.
Not because I don't love fall, and I also love winter, but after you have kids, each season change makes you ache a bit.
Because everything always goes by too fast.
And this summer, well, we outdid ourselves.
This summer was all about childhood and finding the joy and slow and adventure that has always defined us.
We have been through some tough tough years, with tough tough situations, and kids that are testing and everything seemed so hard.
And as things are falling into place,
as we are finding all of the us,
I made him promise that this summer would all be different.

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This summer would be the real us.
This summer would be about laughter and memories.
This summer we would find joy.
This summer, we would slow down but still do things.
This summer, we would fix what was broken, we would use our heads to figure out how to make it better.
This summer, it would be all about them.
And we did all of it.

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We started with a bucket list.
We started with ice cream for dinner.
Things we wanted to do, didn't stress, but wanted to do together and we started to chip away.
We vacationed, we never had so much fun.
We camped, we forgot what that felt like, how amazing that is, how far away you are from hectic.
We ate, all of the ice cream, all of the smores, all of the goodness.
We ran through sprinklers
we swam and swam.
We played,
we ran
we biked.
We watched movies,
we watched thunderstorms,
we raced in a triathlon,
we stayed in pjs,
we got out and did things,
we stayed in and huddled
we spent so much time with friends,
old, new, framily,
we saw family,
we celebrated,
they spent days with their grandparents,
we had time just us four,
we were at the track a lot,
we read,
we were in the car a lot, which always makes me feel closer to them,
we saw new things,
we had a summer.

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And because I am never ready,
and because emotions are so hard for me to move through,
and because I have a little girl going into grade 2 but I keep saying grade 1,
and because I have a little boy that will being going to pre-k and not at home as much,
and because I hate how quickly they are growing, but love the freedom of not having babies,
summer, I am sorry to see you go.
Which is why I had to end it with ice cream for dinner.
We had a summer, a great one, and all of the memories will keep us all warm, until next time.

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