Late nights, late mornings. Getting to hear your laughter outside.
Long bike rides, pools, washing so many beach towels but for some reason it's the only laundry that makes me smile.
Running, playing, bubbles, balls, soccer, playgrounds, the beach, the track...
summer is when your childhood really comes to life.

IMG_4897 IMG_4723

And you two are so lucky because you get to spend each summer, with your dad.


I get to hear all about your days,
the ones that are adventure days,
the ones where you go to the library, or find a pool, or go for long walks.
I get pictures of you in the rain, or at a cute shop, or downtown.
I get to hear how slowly your days get started.
I get to hear, I get to watch, and on those days we are all together, I am all in!


I love love love how much you love this time.
I love hearing how much you laugh.
I love getting ice cream for dinner and I love watching our town come to life and spill out over all the edges.
I love our vacations.
I love our time at the Cape.
I love hitting the beach with you, packing for the trip, and hearing you talk about it for weeks, months.
I love that this summer Anna, you can ride your bike.
I love that you have that freedom.
I love that I can trust you both outside alone.
I love watching you be siblings together.
I love your summer.
I love how much you fill this home with childhood and I love love love you both.

Welcome to your summer vacation guys.

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