In you

I don't believe in soul mates.
I don't believe that every pot finds its lid.
I don't believe that you always find who you are "meant" to be with.
I don't believe in "meant" to be with.
But, I believe in you.
I believe in family,
I believe that love can fix broken.
I believe in working for us
because I believe that you are perfect for me
and I believe in us.


I didn't believe in love at first sight.
I didn't believe that you should build a life on that first look.
I didn't believe it even existed.
Until I saw a little man that we created.
Until they placed him in my arms
until I gave him a kiss and said, hi, I'm your mom...
Until he looked at me, and thought that I was his moon and stars.
Until I heard him call you his buddy.
Until I felt him hug me tight.
I believe in working for us
because I believe that you are perfect for me
and I believe in us.

I didn't believe in happily ever after.
I didn't believe in happy endings.
I didn't believe it was possible and only happened in fairy tale movies.
I didn't believe in fairy tale movies.
Until I met a little girl that reminded me what happy is.
Until I fell hard, so hard, for a face that looked just like dad's.
Until she grabs my hand when we are walking, and gives it a kiss.
Until she opens up about her day in the most mysterious of places.
Until she loves to snuggle.
Until I hear how important our traditions are to her.
Until I see how much she loves us, all over her face.
I believe in working for us
because I believe that you are perfect for me
and I believe in us.

I didn't believe in family.
I didn't believe my childhood could be recreated.
I didn't believe I would ever see past hurt, anger.
Until I met you all.
And you took away my hard edge.
Until you created soft
and second chances
and joy
and laughter
and so many arguments that build and tear down and rebuild again.

Houser77 - 33

I believe in our perfectly imperfect family.
I believe in our faults, in our mistakes.
I believe in our love, in our desire to keep going.
I believe we are a fit, that we fit, that we always fit, that we were and are and will always be family.
I believe in us,
I believe that you are what is perfect for me
and I believe in us.


I believe in everything

I believe in you,
in us,
in family.
I believe that family is how you define who you want to be with, spend time with.
I believe that the right family wakes you up from a long deep sleep.
I believe that family makes you heal.
I believe that family makes you feel a heavy weight that somehow makes you feel free.
I believe in growing old together, hand in hand.
I believe in love.
I believe in love fixing the broken, all the broken pieces.
I believe that love puts us back together.
I believe that we need more of it, that we can never have too much.
I believe in hope and second chances.
I believe in second childhoods because I believe that childhood is important, at any age.
I believe in laughing and having it take control of your body.
I believe in smiling so that each wrinkle is a memory of a moment that made you smile.
I believe in how heavy little is.

I believe in running and movement and health for each part of you.
I believe in calm and finding it daily, your part of peace.
I believe in quiet and refilling yourself.

I believe you will find happiness,
I believe you will work hard.
I believe you will conquer.
I believe that you can and will because you will try!
I believe in your heart.
I believe in your mind.
I believe in your ability.
I will always believe in you, more than you believe in yourself.
I have faith wrapped up in you.

I believe in you,
in us,
in family.


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