Five Minute Friday - team

Every Friday we unite for five minutes to write on one word. Only five minutes, that's all we get, that's all we have. And then, right where we are, no edits or second-thoughts, we publish those words. This week, we write on team.

He came into my life as my partner, my coach and he created our team.
A team of four, connected, bonded, working together.
Working towards one goal of #happychildhood, even as you grow and we age.
It was how we announced the thought of you Anna. We told anyone that would listen that coach Housers were expecting a new teammate.
It's how we refer to ourselves, as team Houser.
It's what I tell you all of the time, that we are a united team, and we are always here for each other.
We are in this journey, this game, together.
We are all on the same side, on each other's side.
Even when we disagree, even when we are at odds and even when we can't seem to make a single decision together,
our unit, our family, we are a team.
Because so many times in this life, we feel alone.
As kids age, they feel isolated, not accepted and on their own.
But you never have to worry about that, your team is here, we are right here.


And watching you both become teammates,
has been remarkable.
You may be at each other's throats, insistent you are both heard at the same time,
but you have each other's backs.
You too are connected, you and only you will know our full story.
You and only you will know what it was like growing up with us.
And only you will forever understand how that shapes who you are today.
And you were always each other's favorites.

Houser2016home181 Houser22

We always knew, from the moment we met, that we were family.
I always knew your dad and I were going to be in each other's lives, no matter the title.
I always knew that he would melt me and take away the years of frustration and anger I was burdening myself with.
I always knew, when I looked into his joyful face, that he would win at life.
Because he just believes in people, because he is always willing to hear the whole story, because he has the patience to wait until all of the facts are in and make an informed decision.
And he will do that for you.
He, we, will never judge.
We are only here to listen.
Because each part of a team has a special role, each one carries an important piece of the puzzle to cross the finish line
and each of us has a strength.
We will continue to nurture your strengths, we will continue to build you up and teach you how important it is to the bigger picture
of life.



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