Tell me

Tell me what made you laugh today.
Tell me why you smile.
Tell me what made you hurt,
why you were sad.
Tell me who you played with, who you sat next to, tell me what you talked about.
Tell me how it felt to not be picked for the team,
tell me what we can do next time, what we can work on, together.
Tell me why you are in a bad mood,
I even want you to tell me why you don't want to talk about it,
because when you are ready,
I am here.

Tell me how that run felt,
why you love to bike with me,
why you feel good after.
Tell me why the beach is your favorite.
Tell me how much you love ice cream and why you want it everyday.
Tell me what makes you feel excited
and tell me what scares you to death.
Tell me what I said wrong and how to make it better.
Tell me you are sorry, because you hurt my feelings too.
Tell me to shut up and listen, remind me it is all that you need.

Tell me about your first kiss, the first time you held hands.
Tell me how proud you were to get that grade you worked really hard for, even if it wasn't an A.
Tell me what you are looking forward to,
tell me what you are anxious about.
Tell me all about your day, the good the bad the ugly.
Tell me what you and your friends are all talking about,
tell me what worries you about what they are saying.
Tell me when you feel disconnected, tell me when you feel I am too, let's bring each other back.
Tell me what you said that you want to take back, tell me how you will make it better.
Tell me when you know you have hurt someone, and steps to fix the broken.
Tell me all that is racing through your mind, tell me when you need silence.
Tell me when you need time away and when I am the last person you want to talk to.
Tell me how angry you are, how much you want a situation to change, tell me when you are feeling anything but like you.

Keep talking to me,
keep letting me in.
Talking it all out lets in the light that we so often turn away from.
I will of course understand that you need to be sad and angry.
I will of course understand that you really need time to cry and process
but please
tell me, because when you are ready,
I am here.

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