Finally grateful

What I once took for granted, I have found gratitude.
What I once saw as a burden, I now see as a gift.
In my year of different, I have found a way to be thankful for my life.

Thankful for things like
each night, we get a couple of hours of "us" time before we head to bed
on Sunday mornings, she would crawl into bed and read while we still sleep off the exhaustion
the kids are so healthy that they get to be crazy and drive us crazy
we still hold hands, still touch toes, after all these years
we have really amazing three day weekends
I am good at my job
we have friends that have become framily
snow days
family movie nights
slow Sundays
I sometimes get to steal 30 minutes alone in a coffee shop while my daughter is at piano practice
I sometimes get to spend that time with my son
vacations and not making school lunches
we make little getaways special and fun filled
a tired Pearl after a good day of play
finally learning how to ask for help
a handy husband that pours all of him into our house turned home
great classes at our inexpensive gym
traditions and making time stand still for just a few moments
coffee dates with good friends
hosting holidays in our new home

What I once saw as the wash and repeat, I now stop to recognize as special.
What I once felt was boring, I now see as time slowing down.
What I once carried as a heavyweight, I now see as my life, unfolding and I am putting my baggage away.
I am finding the room, the time, space, to reflect and be grateful for all I asked for and received.
This is my life and I am all in.



That you took my hand and lead me down this path.
That we are on this journey together.
That we are still talking about the importance of us.
That we still care and love us.
That we still smile at each other, and hold hands.

That they make us laugh,
that they make us cry,
that they bring out my crazy,
that they accept my crazy,
that you accept my crazy.

That they are enjoying their life.
That they work hard.
That they understand we don't settle in this house, that we strive for greatness.
That they are healthy,
that they have good hearts.

That he can be so gentle and kind, even though he is all loud and crazy.
That she can be strong and confident, even though she has to work for it.
That they look like you
that they act like both of us.

That she loves to run
that he loves loves loves to spend so much time with us.
That all they want is us.

That we got 17 amazing years with our puppy.
That she kept us together always.
That she forever knew what we needed, how much love she brought to us.
That she always always loved us first, because she was our first.
That we got to hold her while we said goodnight,
that we were there together, and helped each other through the pain.
That she realized how important it was to be in that room together
and that together, we miss her
because together we were always family.

That traditions mean as much to them as they do to me.
That they broke my cycle, that you broke my cycle.
That I was given a second chance, this second chance.
That family has a brand new meaning for me, the one it has always had for you.

That love looks so much different than it does in the movies,
because our love is real.
The ups, the downs, the ordinary and common.

That I fell hard for you
that your joy brought me joy.
That you always believed in me, and us and you continue to.
That you won't ever give up and won't let me give up.

That we take chances, on each other because we believe we can do anything.
That our life is so crazy, but damn, we make it work.
That we found a community and friends that make us laugh.
That we find peace and togetherness.
That connecting with us is still their favorite.
That they realize how important this all is.

I am thankful that you started us
I am thankful that this is our life
I am thankful that we defined our family and our love
I am thankful.

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