This week, I wrote about giving.
And as parents, how much of ourselves we give.
But, the truth is, you give back.
You fill us full with what you give and for that, we are thankful.

We are thankful for
your smiles
your love
your small voices
your second chances
your laughter
your childhood
your hands
your night-time hugs and love
your smooches
your little mouths
your gorgeous eyes
your curls that remind me you came from me too
your happy
your love of family movie nights
your love of Sunday mornings
your forgiveness
your ability to make me a mom
your kind hearts
your lessons
your excitement
your energy
your love of magic and wonder
your love of snow
your love of reading
this, we are thankful for this...


We give a lot of ourselves to you
we sacrifice a lot
we nurture
we try and grow you
move you forward.

But, what you give back,
it's always more.
It's not just enough,
because what you give back is what matters in this world.
It's what drives us.
We love to love you.
We love to give to you.
We are lucky to have you
We are thankful.


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